The Night's Coming On
The framework and building blocks of the
antichrist movement of the 1960's

by William Santy


In speaking of the end times, Jesus said: "Many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm will be saved." - Matt 24: 10-13

He Who Stands Firm

Satan's ability to capture the awareness of a goodly portion of the citizenry of America through the use of technology and to fashion this controlling grip into a nation-shattering, spiritual weapon beginning in the 1960s, would have to be among the most significant events of Twentieth Century.

There exists no other people in any other nation throughout history that has withstood an attack on the human mind the way American people have over the past forty-five years. Since 1960 the American people have withstood a technological broadside that has brought to us unimaginable blessings and unfathomable misery. Technology has soothed, entertained and inspired us. It has allowed us to maintain a sense of personal and national security, yet it has magnified and intensified evil. We as a people were not prepared for this infusion of blessings or onslaught of evil. Since the 1960s many have been tranquilized by the blessings of technology and have unwittingly allowed the tentacles of evil to embrace them on the wings of these blessings.

What you have in front of you has you
"Gird your mind/Hold every thought captive"

The antichrist movement of the 1960s (aka The Disestablishment Movement) was geared, in part, to dismantle every aspect of Christian influence that had been woven into the fabric of this nation since its founding. This bold move to make profound spiritual adjustments within our nation and turn human nature on its head could never have been possible without the introduction of a technological innovation we call television which gave Satan an opportunity to magnify his presence and set in motion the "fine art" of influencing and controlling what the mind perceived.

The year is 2019 and this nation remains severely wounded as a result of the intense offensive which bears every indication of having commenced at the stroke of midnight January 1st, 1960. Surely, Satan was sparkling with anticipation in realizing that the human mind was up for grabs in a way that had never been possible throughout history and that he was now able to guide the direction of the most influential and powerful nation in the world.

With the major mediums of communication firmly in his grip he was in a position to create and present to his captive audience ideas and images that formed a distorted sense of reality which viewers were obliged to perceive as the generally accepted opinion of the majority if they were to consider themselves acceptable, viable members of society. His ability to craftily exploit the need among people to be connected to society sparked a deep yearning among many of the electorate and political leaders of our nation to grope for, covet and willingly embrace what was perceived as the generally accepted opinion of the majority with such passion that it would surpass their love of God, country and the natural yearning to preserve personal wealth.

Beginning in the 1960s an eerie enthusiasm to turn from God and embrace the general, popular consent gripped the nation. This unheard of craving to rail against God manifested itself in 1962 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that officially sponsored prayer in public schools would be banned. In February 1963 the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed Bible reading in the public school system. The General Consent was employed in 1965 to convince the masses that it was a noble thing to begin a process of raising their taxes to pay for what was termed The Great Society (actually it was a fund-raiser for Satan's Disestablishment Movement) and has currently taken us to a point where it is more appropriate to use the word confiscation instead of taxation.

In the 1960s we were led to a war in Vietnam. That war was geared to last for many years and to cause as many casualties as possible while demoralizing our nation. When our armed forces had decimated the enemy to a point where they were no longer able to mount a serious offensive, "public opinion" forced a decision by our government to withdraw from Vietnam. (See footnote)

Those living in the 1940s and 50s could never have imagined that in a few short years many of their fellow Americans would be successfully acted upon to passionately condemn those things our nation had always loved and cherished. While many were swept and wooed by Satan's sudden onslaught in the 1960s, others were in a state of anguish and pain as they witnessed large numbers of their fellow countrymen blindly groping to embrace Satan's rendition of reality in order to be considered acceptable members of society. It soon became obvious to the discerning that the secular media, particularly the influential ABC, CBS and NBC television networks, were portraying evil as good and good as evil.

The antichrist influence of the 1960s was broad-based and seemed to target every tradition and institution in America that was built upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But by far, the most graphic picture we can draw that would reveal the underlying motivation and intricate apparatus that Satan created which caused many to embrace the General Consent as a false god, can be seen by focusing on the social whirlwind instigated and set in motion by Satan during the War in Vietnam:

Shake Down At Reality Junction

When a general during the Korean War was asked what the key to winning a battle was, he said: "Whoever gets there first with the most wins the battle." The same applies to the battle for the minds.

While Christians held a parochial view of mass communications and shunned the ownership of radio and television stations and newspapers during the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Satan, "the Stealth General," was harnessing their influence. Beginning in the 1960s Christians in America would begin to pay for this parochial view.

As the war in Vietnam progressed in the mid-1960s, so did the battle for the mind.. There were relatively few students who actively protested the war, even on some of the most liberal campuses, yet week after week, month after month the general public was exposed to the images of young college-age adults protesting the war in Vietnam. This unrelenting volley of images coming into the living rooms of America sparked a profound swaying influence on many people (particularly during the later years of the war) and prompted many to wonder: "Surely they must know something I don't know." The belief that "They can't be all wrong" and "Surely they must know something I don't know," without question, caused many in the mainstream of American society who had initially supported our efforts in Vietnam to change their minds and join the antiwar movement.

Satan was in a position to do whatever he wanted with his newly acquired power within the secular media. He controlled the means to isolate, magnify and suspend an image of his choosing before the American public. Like an artist with palette he was able to paint whatever image he wanted within the minds of those who were receptive to the strokes. The term " biased media" would become a catch-phrase in American society.

Satan As Comforter And Teacher
The Incubator

There exists no other environment where the General Consent can be generated more rapidly and felt more intensely than the college campus. Its every physical feature provides the perfect environment for the stimulation and control of ideas and emotions.

Students who entered the controlled environment of the liberal college campus in the mid-60s came with their enthusiasm, zest and inquiring minds. As a whole, they were impressionable, they wanted to be understood and they were not much different from those who came to learn at colleges and universities throughout the ages, except, Satan was there to receive them with bit and bridle, eager to harness the qualities of their youth.

As inquiring, energetic students entered isolated college campuses in the 1960s, Satan, with palette in hand, was in a position to create a "masterpiece." The liberal college campus would become the ultimate incubator and spawning ground used by Satan to arrest emptiness and fill many an individual's void with a sense of significance. In a sense, it seemed that Satan offered a noncredit course entitled: Onward To Worthiness. He was in a position to turn youthful despair and emptiness into a blinding state of euphoria and to harness and use this euphoria as one of the main driving forces of the antichrist movement of the 1960s. A social/spiritual phenomenon resulted that is worth examining:

Jack and Jill had a spring in their walk and snapped their bubble gum. They were often seen watching "Leave It To Beaver" on television and were never involved in any issue more vital than making certain their room was tidy. Within days after entering college for the first time in the late summer of 1966 they were in the streets feverishly protesting the war in Vietnam with a host of other students.

When the war protests first began (particularly during 1965 and 66), it was observed and generally understood that the majority among the rank-and-file student protesters didn't know where the country of Vietnam was located and many had only a vague idea where Southeast Asia was.

If you were to listen intently to students during lulls in a given organized war protest, you would quickly learn that their true concerns and passions were not in the remotest way connected to the struggle taking place in Southeast Asia but instead reflected the concerns and struggles typically held by young adults setting out in life.

There was an obvious transaction taking place below the surface that took the form of a willing tradeoff or exchange. Students who entered college in the mid-1960s were like any other students who entered college in the past, except they would become the unfortunate victims of circumstance of their time. They were young and they came with their energies and enthusiasm. They were "on their way," but like typical young adults, many didn't quite know where they were going. Satan was there to accommodate them. Within the isolated incubator of the college campus Satan would be their comforter and teacher and set them off in a direction of his choosing.

While the college campus was the perfect environment to build and to establish ideas and beliefs, the concept of hammering the malleable minds of the students to conform to the General Consent did not apply. It was more like holding the compliant individual in place and systematically beating the mind into conformity with a sweet marshmallow.

The transaction that took place below the surface was an exchange of gifts. The individual would yield the God-given gift of free will and say yes to Satan in exchange for a heightened sense of significance which could be obtained by embracing Satan's version of reality delivered on the wings of what was perceived as the generally accepted opinion. Many are they whose deep thirst for significance was satisfied by bowing the knee and blindly embracing the General Consent. It was enticing. The General Consent served as counselor and comforter.

To spark this mass rush to significance Satan stimulated young, unsuspecting souls to speak and perform on his behalf with offers of justification and common ground. Satan provided a sense of emotional, intellectual and physical unity, and a feeling of righteousness to anyone willing to embrace his spiritual and political agenda for America beginning in the troubled 1960s.

Justification/Common Ground

Justification: Young adults who protested the War in Vietnam were portrayed by the mainstream media as being involved in the process of influencing a crucial international issue and that their actions were well-founded and justified. They were depicted as being engaged in an honorable, selfless endeavor to "make right, that which is wrong."

Although this elevated stature was unearned, it was understandably captivating and beguiling to impressionable youth. This inflated stature was their reward for echoing the anti-god, anti-war and anti-America sentiments of the mainstream media. Their passion did not lead them in search of logic or truth. Their passion led them to embrace the appearance of being striking and noteworthy in the eyes of the general public.. Their passion was to exchange their emptiness for a sense of significance.. They were "justified".

Common Ground: The ten year old boy asked his father, "Dad, who do you consider to be a part of our family?" The father replied, "Anyone who sits at the dinner table."

There is something about sitting together at a table and sharing a meal with people that unites them. The table somehow serves as the ultimate common denominator that satisfies the yearning to commune with and feel acceptable to others.

Many of the students entering college in the mid-1960s were unique in that they never felt the table fellowship that past generations of American youth experienced. Many were reared in the newly established suburban bedroom communities spoken about in books written by Vance Packard, The Status Seekers (1959) and William Whyte, The Organization Man (1956), which graphically described the profound transformation of American life and living during the 1950s.

One of the underlying themes of these well-documented books describes the secularizing and scattering of the American family, particularly those living in newly developed suburban communities.. As a result of this loosening of the family unit , many students who entered college campuses in the mid-60s came with a deep thirst to feel that bonding they had not experienced in early youth. Their thirst would be quenched within the environment of the college campus as many readily embraced the General Consent as a rallying point, common denominator and "social table" which provided the comforting feeling of being connected and accepted.

Human nature without God is like water. Yielded and willing souls in the hands of Satan will seek the lowest ground where they will collect and seek fellowship.. College students who were having their thirst quenched at the "social table" reveled and gloried in their newfound unity with others and with their heightened sense of significance. They energetically resisted truth (they mocked it, they shut it out) because truth would be the undoing of that state of euphoria which they coveted and which they experienced as a result of bowing their knees to the generally accepted opinion fabricated by Satan.. Finally, after long last they were on common ground and totally convinced that the anti-war activity through which they received a sense of significance was justified.

It's Not Too Late

The year is 2019 and very little has changed on liberal college campuses and within the general population as a whole. The snare has been refined and adjusted. The shock of the media onslaught is gone and somewhat taken for granted compared to when it was first introduced during the 1960s when the framework and building blocks of the antichrist movement were constructed. But the slavish dependence upon and submission to what is perceived to be the generally accepted opinion remains.

Satan as comforter and teacher still offers justification and common ground to anyone willing to embrace his lie. And many are "given over" and offering up their hearts as a reception area for the lie.

Some of those who were fully caught up in the diabolical whirlwind in the 1960s and had fallen away, have since turned from their darkness to embrace the Light. Yet many who passionately cried "peace, peace" during the anti-war era of the 1960s would later become unflinching, passionate advocates of child sacrifice through abortion.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" - Proverbs 9:10. The fear of man and the striving for a favorable social footing in the eyes of the public is the beginning of chaos. The wise man will fear the Lord Who is the One who holds the keys to heaven and hell.

The fierce and captivating snare concocted by Satan and foisted upon American society beginning in the 1960s would have quickly withered like a fallen leaf if Americans as a whole refused to seek the counsel offered by Satan through his fabricated General Consent and instead, pursued insight, wisdom and discernment as God implores us to in the first few chapters of Proverbs. It would do well for those who are seeking truth and solace to look into what Jesus said in the 14th chapter of John: "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things" - verse 26... It is not too late.


"Watch that no one deceives you"
The disciples came to Jesus and asked , "What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?" - Matthew 24: 3. Jesus' answer to this question fills the 24th Chapter of the book of Matthew, but His very first words were: "Watch out that no one deceives you."

Many have convinced themselves that the state of godlessness and chaos we are experiencing today has been brought about by the failure of conservatives to contain liberals.. This is not logical. The intricate timing, the coordination, the persistence, the vengeance and all of the other elements that go into the framing of crucial social issues that are designed specifically to diminish the Kingdom of God on earth and to advance Satan's agenda, strongly suggest that something superhuman and very focused is doing the behind-the-scenes synchronizing within secular institutions to control the outcome of a given social issue. At best, liberals serve as a vehicle; they are not the cause.

Pride comes before a fall. Pride is the stuff of sophistication. A sophisticate always appears to have the calm upper hand in a given situation. In some areas of society, to recognize Satan as a real entity is to be seen as "spooked" or "paranoid" and therefore unrefined. Today many who call themselves Christian will not acknowledge Satan's existence or his power out of fear that it would be harmful to their public image. This would have to be one of Satan's most powerful deceptions.

It seems that Satan, who masquerades as an angel of light, has positioned himself at the intersection of two roads and is untiring in his efforts to exploit the weaknesses of human nature and to entice us and lobby us to enter upon the wide road that leads to destruction. The heightened temptations and enticements to enter the wide road in these last days seem unbearable, but it is not. God's grace is sufficient to withstand the temptation.

Satan plays the numbers game and is fully aware of that universal desire among people to be accepted and to feel confident that they are perceived as sensible, upstanding members of society. Any sense of safety other than the surety of being in God's hands is an illusion. It is safe to say that those who have set their hearts and minds to covet and yearningly embrace what is perceived as the generally accepted opinion of the majority, are majority-oriented, but God said:

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." - Matthew 7: 13-14.

"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to
the Father except through me." - John 14:6.


Letting Go

In reflecting on the fierce underlying spiritual sway of the 1960s, it seems quite logical to presume that the Vietnam War, from beginning to end, was choreographed by Satan through his uncanny manipulation of the General Consent to which many Americans were noticeably spellbound.

With all of the elements necessary to control events firmly in the hands of Satan, it is reasonable to believe that the War in Southeast Asia was preplanned to fail and to last for many years, causing as many casualties as possible while demoralizing our nation.

In the face of American air power, helicopter mobility and fire support, Communist forces in Vietnam could point to few battlefield successes more spectacular than the occasional overrunning of a remote fire-support base. Yet Communist forces persisted, nevertheless, in a big unit war in which losses were appalling.

Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap, commander of Communist forces, once admitted to an Italian journalist that by 1969 he had lost half a million men killed. General Westmoreland stated: "A Western commander absorbing losses on the scale of Giap's would hardly have lasted in command more than a few weeks. There was no way Giap could win on the battlefield." Yet, public opinion forced our retreat from Southeast Asia.

One American field commander described it as "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory." In reflecting on this most illogical decision, General Westmoreland, who served as Chief of Military Assistance Command in Vietnam from 1964 until 1968, stated in his book, A Soldier Reports, "It was like two boxers in a ring, one having the other on the ropes, close to a knockout when the apparent winner's trainer inexplicably throws in the towel" (p.542).

"While others their revels keep I will watch over thee."

There were two distinct theaters of engagement during the Vietnam War. There was the physical war in Southeast Asia which our troops without question won, and there was the spiritual battle for the minds and hearts that took place at home which our nation lost.

Some Americans made the supreme sacrifice while others at home took great pleasure in engaging in uproarious merrymaking, gratifying themselves, some even to the point of embracing a state of euphoria while undermining our efforts on the battlefield.

Never in the history of nations has a people experienced persecution in this unique manner. There is the deep, underlying sting of betrayal that yet lingers in countless individuals who were intensely involved physically or emotionally in the Vietnam War. This is understandable.

There was something else so slight as to be difficult to detect and so personally entwined deep within the bosom of some selfless American men and women that words alone cannot express. In the darkest hours, when discerning Americans realized that defeat was being intentionally orchestrated after so much had been sacrificed, there was that sense of ministering to and embracing something precious and dear: a nation, an idea born of God, that had been mercilessly violated, wounded and now slumbering.. Words alone cannot express that noble sense of ministering which words set to music are able to do:

Slumber My Darling
Slumber my darling, thy mother is near,
Guarding thy dreams from all terror and fear.
Sunlight has past and the twilight has gone.
Slumber my darling, the night's coming on
Sweet visions attend thy sleep
Fondest dearest to me,
While others their revels keep,
I will watch over thee.
Slumber my darling the birds are at rest,
The wandering dews by the flowers are caressed,
Slumber, my darling, I'll wrap thee up warm,
And pray that the angels shield thee from harm.

Stephen Foster 1826-1864

Surely we are living in the time just before the second coming of our Lord. There is a message in the third chapter of Ecclesiastes for those in our nation who still quietly cling to and cannot express in words those lingering feelings of remorse regarding what took place in Southeast Asia so many years ago: "There is a time for everything under the sun ...there is a time to embrace and a time to let go."

There is the Rat-tat-tat of a distant drummer beating the tempo of yet another song
"Mine Eyes Hath Seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord."
Eternity is calling. It is time, brothers and sisters, to let go.
It is time to lend our thoughts to things above
and be good stewards of the time we have remaining.
Our redemption draws near.


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