Test Jews and Germans:
God's Anointed Kingdom Builders and Yoke-Fellows 

by William Santy


When Jew and German are used in the same sentence, dark images and words like sinister and eerie normally come to mind. But if we were to travel back in time beyond what took place during WWII and view things from God's perspective, there is much evidence that suggests Jews and Germans had been chosen by God to be his special Gospel-enhancing, life-enriching, fruit bearers and anointed yoke-fellows that bore much fruit for His kingdom unlike any other people group:

God spoke the Gospel message through Jews who recorded these anointed teachings to give us the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Jews comprised the first church as described in the Book of Acts. The twelve apostles were Jews; the Prophets of the Old Testament were all Jews and, most importantly, Jews were the chosen people through whom our Savior and Lord (the Light of the world) was born.

As the fifteenth century approached and societies became more developed, God needed a people group through which he could send another round of special anointing that would profoundly bless the world and work to advance His Kingdom on earth. He couldn't choose the Jews because they - at this time in history- were scattered throughout the nations. God needed a well established, industrious people who were self-motivated and "on their way." He chose the German speaking people through which He would profoundly magnify and glorify the contributions Jews had previously made, and also to reestablish and realign the church on that original, narrow road which we read about in Matthew 7:14 ("But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.") and which the church veered from in the year 312.

(1) Magnify: In 1440, German inventor Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press process that, with improvements and increased mechanization, remained the principal means of printing until the late 20th century. In 1444 Gutenberg set up a printing shop in Mainz, Germany. It was in 1450 that Johannes Gutenberg began work on the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the mass duplication of which was a phenomenon that would ultimately guarantee that there was no dark corner on earth that could not be reached with the printed word of God.

(2) Glorify: German composers of the Baroque era (circa 1600 – 1750) received a special anointing from God to produce classic sacred music that glorifies God and his Word and speaks to the soul, and strokes the love-strings of the heart like no other music. Sacred music composed in the throne room of God and revealed through Bach, Telemann, Gottfried, Stolzel and (German born British composer) George Frederic Handel still stirs the soul in this twenty-first century.

(3) Realign: The direction of the Christian Church was profoundly changed by Emperor Constantine in the year 312. Constantine merged elements from many religions into one, thereby producing a form of Christianity woven together with paganism. God chose the imperfect, ill-tempered German, Martin Luther, to bring about the realigning and reformation of the church onto its original, narrow path. This reformation of the Christian Church began in 1517 when Luther posted his Ninety-five Thesis.

The devil rides in on the wings of knowledge to leverage his
influence and inflict revenge on God's chosen yoke-fellows

Just as the technological revolution of the early 1960s gave Satan the leverage (primarily through television) to attack and ravage long established Christian institutions in America, the European Industrial Revolution of the early nineteen hundreds opened a long-awaited, strategic opportunity for Satan to strike against God's chosen yoke-fellows (Jews and Germans) en masse. This Industrial Revolution that swept Europe allowed Satan to harness the developments and devices of this newfound knowledge to decimate an entire generation of German speaking men during World War One.

It wasn't until the development of enhanced mass communication of the 1930s that Satan was able to plant a diabolical, agitating seed within the German speaking people. Through this seed, and with the advancement of logistics, Satan craftily devised and strategically choreographed a scheme during WWII to murder Jews en masse at the hands of Nazis while the allied armies of the world were grinding the German Army, German civilians and German cities into the ground. By crafty design, Jews and Germans were the two people groups who suffered the most during WWll. "…if they persecuted me, they will persecute you also." John 15:20

The reading of Holy Scripture interlaced with classic music of Bach and Handel in honoring the God of the Universe has been performed countless times. If we were to take away the combined contributions of Jews and Germans from these God-honoring performances, there would be nothing left. It seems quite probable that sometime in the hereafter Jesus will announce and honor these two specific people groups as his "chosen yoke-fellows".

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb will take place shortly after the rapture of the church. It will be a moment when our Lord honors his bride (the church.) While only a little space is given in the Bible to describe this magnificent feast we can be sure that Jesus, who is the ultimate Events Planner will not present his bride with a budget-buffet but with a luxurious sit-down meal where the saints are served in grand fashion. In pulling-out-all-stops to honor His bride, could it be that Jesus will take this appropriate time to announce to the entire church that, while Jews were His chosen people, He chose the German speaking people in the later days to magnify and Glorify those contributions Jews made in former days?

What would be a grand wedding feast without music? Would it be too much of a stretch to surmise that at the Feast of the Lamb for His bride, God will call upon his anointed kingdom builders to provide festive music for this glorious occasion to accentuate the fact that Jews and Germans were truly his special yoke-fellows? Will there be an ensemble of Jews playing traditional (Hava Nagila) tunes in one section of the grand hall and a German Oompah Band playing festive music in another section of the grand hall? …We can dream.


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