Sarah Palin
A Christian Perspective

by William Santy


God sent Sarah Palin to "stir the stew" and speak
to the heart and soul of a slumbering nation:

It seems that almost everyone is focusing on what Sarah Palin might do in the next presidential election without considering what (by the Grace of God) Sarah has already set in motion within the supernatural realm. A few years ago God raised up Sarah Palin to a high profile position on the firing line, not so much to prepare her for a high political office, but to graphically display the sorry state of don't-rock-the-boat/see-no-evil- hear-no-evil Christian men in America. God was looking for a man to speak for Him and he found him in a woman:

Sarah Palin

The primary reason Sarah Palin is so intensely exposed to the sting of mockery and bad press is because of her straightforward proclamation that Jesus Christ is her Savior and Lord. What is more, Sarah Palin is seen as a "spoiler" who is a threat and danger to what Satan has carefully and successfully crafted within our institutions over the past fifty years. There is good reason to believe that Satan is enraged and obsessed with Sarah Palin, and that his frustrations with Sarah are manifesting through those whom Satan has under his control.

Mockery is a powerful bullying tool used to exert power over and groom the weak into predictable, run-of-the-mill creatures of a controlled environment. When the sting of mockery falls, the fragile disassociate themselves from that which is mocked. Sarah has endured and pressed on in the face of intense mockery for His cause. It wasn't that Satan ran out of "ammo", he has thrown everything at Sarah Palin but she remains impervious to any weapon formed against her ...God's grace is sufficient.

Sarah Palin serves, in part, as a high-profile rallying point for multitudes held captive by the sting of mockery and demonstrates for all to see that being mocked and portrayed as socially unacceptable is survivable. Those who have been waiting in the wings for someone worthy to emulate are inspired by Sarah's "disobedience" and courage to swim against the tide of popular opinion. Only God knows how many who were held captive by the sting of mockery have been set free by Sarah Palin's example.

Those in the media who are stuggling with "Palin Psychosis" and who are supernaturally driven to tarnish Sarah Palin's image and dim the Light that is within her, are oblivious to the fact that they serve as a dark and scary backdrop against which Sarah's joy and radiance sparkle all the more in the eyes of the discerning.

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." - John 1:5

Just as the diabolical onslaught of the 1960s came suddenly, Sarah Palin's arrival on the national scene was abrupt and unexpected. Immediately, Sarah Palin stood out like fire-in- the-night against the backdrop of deceitful pretenders who run Washington. Many disillusioned voters tasted the flavor of steak and wondered how they could have been so gullible as to be satisfied with the cheese sandwiches that have been served up for so long.

It's getting late in the day and God is looking for a commitment. He demands that we take all of Him or none. The person of Sarah Palin is on display and sends the message that wavering between two opinions is no longer a luxury Christians can afford, and that it is now time to embrace reality. Sarah Palin has crossed the Rubicon; she is committed, unwavering and unapologetic in the face of intense hostility. Those who have a yearning to be more than a controlled, predictable, unremarkable creature of the ever-fading, diabolical world environment are spurred on by Sarah Palin's example.

The Night's Coming On

This year will usher in a period of persecution for American Christians like we have never before experienced. We are already seeing signs of this. It is a time for the testing of our mettle and a time to invest in eternity. When we pretend that the battle isn't real it dulls our spiritual senses, and to embrace the tapioca fluff of pious escapism is a display of stunning cowardice. We are not surprised by evil. We are expecting it and we can live life without being controlled by it. In this life we suffer for a little while but the sting of persecution loses its bite when we focus on the immeasurable everlasting to everlasting.


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