The Bible describes Satan as "The evil one," "the ruler of this world," "god of this age," "the prince of the power of this age," and states that Satan is an "accuser of the brethren, a tempter, deceiver, liar and sinner," yet many who call themselves Christian view Satan as a half-reality, something of a joke or superstition. As a result, many Christians in America appear to be unwittingly engaged in a slow, intimate, cheek-to cheek waltz with Satan who is leading the dance.


Satan is not a myth-he is real, and hell is not a metaphor-it is a place. Facing hell is the ultimate, personal disaster. Scripture gives us specific information concerning Satan's character and reveals all we need to know to take him seriously and to frustrate his efforts to ensnare us and destroy us.


Second Corinthians 11:14 tells us that Satan "masquerades as an angel of light." This light inspires admiration, wonder and amazement...it beckons. This light bewilders, overwhelms and dims the vision. Many are dazzled by this light and seek it. But this light which they seek is not light but darkness. It is quite reasonable to suspect that the vast majority of souls who are in hell did not believe that there was such a place until they got there.

To date I have written five essays that focus on events which took place in America in the recent past. The goals in writing these essays are to take the focus off liberals and conservatives as prime movers in the major events that have unraveled in America over the past fifty years, and call attention to Satan and the fierce underlying spiritual struggle we are experiencing.

Articles and Videos

God's Anointed Kingdom Builders and Yoke-Fellows.

When Jew and German are used in the same sentence, dark images and words like sinister and eerie normally come to mind.

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Sarah Palin ...A Christian perspective

God sent Sarah Palin to "stir the stew" and speak to the heart and soul of a slumbering nation

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Strong In The Face Of Biased Adversity

The Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearing

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The Night’s Coming On
The framework and building blocks of the antichrist movement of the 1960s.  Read Article


The Road

(Going Home)

A short inspirational message.  Watch Message


Lisa And The Choker

(A treatise on mockery)




... Something prompts everyone to

    believe what they believe.

... Mary Poppins meets Jack the Ripper

... If you draw close to me I will draw

    close to you.

... A church built on mockery.

... Prisoners of twit

... Standing in the gap

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